Cytometry and Antibody Technology Facility

The Cytometry and Antibody Technology (CAT) facility serves the UChicago faculty by providing all of the tools necessary to measure the properties of cells and their products. Antibody technology and its usage have evolved concurrently with flow cytometry and has become the dominant tool for the identification and classification of cells and cellular products.

The facility provides instrumentation and antibodies for the analytical detection of subcellular components and proteins using a range of fluorescence and non-fluorescence-based detection technologies. Further, we are designed to meet the wide-spread needs for specialized cytometric analysis and continues to respond to the demand for new and improved technology. Among these improvements include an Antibody/Hybridoma Bank that provides commonly-used, highest-quality purified antibodies, pre-titered conjugated antibodies for flow cytometry, and hybridoma cell lines.

We aim to provide cutting-edge technology operated by expertly trained personnel, high-quality analytical monoclonal antibodies, and expert technical consultation and training of researchers for all users.


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Fitch Monoclonal Subcore

The Fitch Monoclonal Subcore (FMS) develops the reagents used to label the cells (novel monoclonal antibody production, purification of existing monoclonals, and fluorescently-coupled antibodies).

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Fitch Cytometry Subcore

The Flow Cytometry Subcore (FCS) provides the technology and staff expertise to use these reagents for experimental measurements (flow cytometers, image cytometers, and cell sorters).